DRM: sir reel sound provides comprehensive post audio,  sound and music production  services for film, video, TV, radio, album and multi media including: sound design, sound effects editing ; music scoring, production, recording and  mixing ; foley artists, mixing and editing; post production mixing including 5.1 and Dolby pro logic  surround ; dialog editing and ADR ; and  CD mastering, audio restoration,  and live concert recording (including colleges, UIL &  TMEA concerts etc).

On the post side we do commercials, documentaries and episodic television , and very importantly David has the experience & know-how to take a feature film’s post audio from start to quality completion.

Music producer, sound designer, composer, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist  , mixer , editor      (and company president)    David Rosenblad has spent the last few decades in almost every aspect of the sound and music industry, hence the slogan (company subtitle): “for anything that’s heard”.   Coming out of the Electronic Music Department of the University of North Texas, he embarked on a career as a recording and concert live engineer and producer as well as a sound designer for the theater earning the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre award for Sound Design in 1984.

David was the primary post sound editor/mixer at Dallas Sound Lab for many years (also doing music projects) , then formed the company DRM Productions  in  1989 (becoming DRM: sir reel sound in 2004) continuing to produce and mix  for recording artists as varied as Herbie Mann , Café Noir, Sara Hickman, Chrysta Bell, Larry Austin, Freddy Fender , The Vocal Majority, Everclear, Josh Alan, pop poppins, Cheap Trick, Cornell Dupree, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Flaming Lips, Maynard Ferguson,  Brave Combo, and Barney the Dinosaur, while developing work in all aspects of post audio, sound design  and  music creation (see selected credits below).

Recently he has mixed full live to broadcast music mixes for concert TV shows (AXS-TV etc) for Bad Company, The Monkees, KC & the Sunshine Band, Bret Michaels,  Charlie Daniels & others (including FarmAid 2016!)...

Another wonderful recent project was producing/arranging/mixing & playing on the Sara Hickman song “You Are Not Alone” a poignant human & political statement piece released  on video & soon out as a single !

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As a musician, he stays quite busy  following his musical and spiritual path, playing as a solo artist in concert, for yoga events (a specialty of his!), as a music leader at Unity churches & spiritual centers, with the Austin Bhakti Kirtan Tribe, The Life in the City Band, the new age artist Dwain Briggs, with his former duo & bands mmm yesss and The Sound and The Meaning while also producing & performing with other artists including the amazing  singer  Chrysta Bell ,  David Newman , Dave Stringer, Rudra Das, The Bhaki House Band, Robin Hackett,  Impending Bloom and many  others. 

David has also been an Avid Pro Tools instructor teaching Pro Tools certification courses in various locations around the country and has taught post sound at KD College  and MediaTech Institute in Dallas. As if teaching music technology wasn’t enough, he is also a yoga teacher!


see imdb listings for up to date films!

Living & Dying (feature film)
music score, sound design, post audio


sound design, music , post audio

Veritas: Prince of Truth (feature film)

sound design & post audio

Angela’s Body (short subject)

music score, sound design

Billy Mean Pipes (short subject)

music score, sound design, post audio


Fat Girls (feature film)   

sound design, music ,  post audio

World Without Waves (feature film)

sound design & post audio

Mad Bad  (feature film)

music score, sound design & post audio

From the Dark  (feature film)

sound design & post audio

True Music (HDnet series) 2003-10

sound design & post audio / logo score

Get Out ! (HDnet series)- 2004-12

sound design & post audio

Margo Jones: Sweet Tornado (PBS)

sound design & post audio

South Dallas Pop (PBS Dallas)

sound design & post audio

Nowhere But Texas 1 & 2 (PBS Texas)

sound design & post audio

JFK-Breaking the News (PBS )

sound design & post audio

The US-Mexican War (PBS, Emmy Award

winner)-sound design & post audio

Midlothia (feature film)

sound design & post audio

Hallow’s End  (feature film)

music score, sound design , post audio     

Suburban Nightmare (feature film)

sound design & post audio

American Nightmare (feature film)

music score,sound design , post audio

Seventy 8 (feature film)

sound design & post audio

A Promise Kept  (feature film)-

sound design & post audio

The Keyman  (feature film)

sound design & post audio

Breaking In (short subject)

sound design & post audio

“Your House and Home” (syndicated TV series)

Theme music

“Yanks For Stalin” (History Channel)-

sound design & post audio

Crosswalk ( short subject)-

sound design & post audio

“Lions Of Darkness”(National Geograhic)-music mix

“Wishbone“ (PBS series & Showtime feature)-foley editor/mixer

Barney Home Videos- foley editor/mixer

Blockbuster-sound design/post audio for

numerous movie trailers for DVD/video and

in-store playback

ADR for “Quantum Leap”,  “Northern Exposure” , “The Mighty Ducks”,”City Slickers”,“Wyatt Earp”,

“Walker-Texas Ranger” and many others

Selected Commercial Clients:





Wet n’ Wild

Military One Source


Raging Waters

Cellular One



Arrowhead Water

Southwestern Bell

Quaker Oats



Libby’s/ Kern’s Nectar

Children’s Hospital

Footaction USA

Hollywood Casinos



Six Flags Over Texas

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“for anything that’s heard”

Selected Corporate Clients:

Mary Kay Cosmetics


Chicken Express

Boy Scouts of America

Burlington Northern Santa Fe


Corporate Magic

Michael’s Stores

Methodist Hospitals

The Bhakti House Band- “Everything Orange’



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